Embrace the excellence in financial management

Mastering change

Our services bolster the companies crossing change in business cycles. The conventional methods are not suitable to execute the business plan on time.

Rapid expansion, M&A, strategy moving have become the new standard of the company life cycle; an external opinion and the right capabilities bring an outstanding performance and a significant time saving to the management.

Governance and transparancy with an upgrade of metrics and reporting are reaching out the expected outcomes.

Working with us

As the PE firms care about the short term value creation, we grasp urgency, stop spending time on anything that seems trivial, stay focus on the bottom line results, operate at a faster pace and challenge the conventional method.

Our philosophy :

Professionalisation of the organization (ERP/EPM, processes, human capital)

Upgrading the finance function at the next level

Monitoring growth (M&A, intégration) and divestitures (carve-out, separations)

Improvement of  the communication towards shareholders and financial partners

Cash culture implémentation

Increasing the enterprise value

No leader can succeed without the right financial partner beside.

New market conditions ask for challenging the current organization and cost structure.
Our value proposition is centralized on the fundamentals of financial management.
A reduction in product life cycle and the acceleration of the competition lead to raise the finance function to maximize the company profitability and liquidity.
We pay a particular attention to understand the culture, the people capabilities and the systems  which are not valued in the balance sheet.

The world is moving faster, a different methodology is required to solve issues in the short term to grant the sustainability in the long term.