Operating Partner to the CEO

A financial management approach with deep industry knowledge

Activium Finance is a Financial Management Advisory firm dedicated to small and medium capitalizations. Activium Finance combines a unique financial approach with no legacy with the past. We provide an independant assessment of the organization that removes any distortion of interest.

Finance professionals dedicated to small and mid caps. As business cycles are shorter than ever, companies crossing hurdles ask for an external opinion and new option to increase EBITDA, cash flows and to optimize the capital structure. Our independance, methodology and commitment afford us to deliver tangible results on a short time basis

Facing to a wide range of industries, we are particularly involved in TMT, Healthcare, Manufacturing and FMCG.

We combined the fundamental skillsets to solve complex issues :

Managerial expertise and leadership

Financial diagnostic and analysis

Company valuation

Risk assessment

Corporate governance and strategy

We secure the cash position, financial reporting and business drivers.

Activium Finance is based in London with a core business area across Europe.