Valuing productive assets and intangible capital, preparing the VDD, developing a relevant and objective strategic analysis are essential but not enough steps to enhance the value of a company.
For shareholders, selling process symbolizes the completion of a story they need to optimize.
Its preparation is accompanied by an alignment between strategy, organization and corporate culture. Financial performance results from the consistency of these aggregates.
Anticipating the willing to sell means encouraging the meeting of supply and demand, and then the intrinsic value of the company matches the market conditions.

Our expertise in the economic and financial analysis supports management's expectations to receive a neutral and transparent opinion on the areas of improvement necessary to maximize the transaction.


Limiting risks and uncertainty, identifying the specificities of the business, mastering management rules grant future shareholders about the value of their investment.
Like the selling side, an external opinion on the target's economic situation is monetized during the post-integration process.
Indeed, VC firms, private investors, rely on the gain of a 360° diagnosis carried out by an external and independent expert.

Our feedback confirms that the presence on site alongside managers, employees and operations was a guarantee of completeness of the final valuation.

Strengthening the financial situation

Insufficient operating profitability and liquidity, recurrent inefficient assets allocation and lack of economic management reinforce an adjustment of the existing model.
The weaknesses of the current operations imply the questioning of the consensus and is accompanied by change management.
We keep your company on track.

In order to meet common requirements, we develop our analysis around corporate strategy, operational and financial capabilities and identity.


Change Conditions – Financial Management Advisory

What we see

The current company position will differ from the future market conditions.
The solutions from the past don’t solve current problems anymore.
People naturally are change averse.
Inside people don’ t lead the way for change (management vs leadership)
Human capital is not optimized, systems and processes remain too complex (lack of efficiency).
M&A success is still an exemption.
New ERP implementation (in listed corporations mainly) is monopolistic, not flexible and costly (but it looks like Big 4 they must take it!).
Conclusion: improvements opportunities are significant.

What we do

Performances improvement (Ebitda and cash flows)
Post deal – Integration post-acquisition (IFRS, synergies, optimization)
Strengthening the financial management (technology, efficiency, management style)
Supporting Managing Director to face liquidity crisis (restructuring)

How we do

Listening people
Measuring the capabilities of the business scope dedicated
Assessing the management style
Analyzing company vs industry benchmarking

Since 2015 we have been executing assignments for many industries in constant evolution: aerospace, renewables energy, services, blasting, manufacturing for a standard duration from 3 to 6 months.