Business Model Valuation
    We provide an independant and thorough assessment of industrial SMEs to meet the next challenge

  • A fresh and objective look at the issues,
    the conditions of success and the actions to be carried out 

Economic valuation, financial analysis

Strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of the company in a constantly changing environment

Activium Finance is a European consultancy firm specialized in economic and financial analysis of SME.
Company has become a space of hurdles and opportunities, we facilitate the decision-making process of leaders in:

- Designing the right strategy
- Upgrading capabilities to invest in human capital and technology
- Rising the level of profitability and liquidity

Our holistic and analytic approach leads to:

- A sound understanding of the equity story
- An analysis of the company value chain
- An industry benchmarking
- An analysis of financial statements for the last three years and forecasts

Beyond the figures, we stress on the fundamental’s features, “who is the company?”:

- People and culture
- Strategy and business model
- Financial capabilities and performance

A physical presence closed to operations and beside management (“digging down the company”) is critical to capture the entire firm value and to deliver an accurate information.
Digging down the firm express the Activium Finance difference.
In order to eliminate risks and uncertainty, we cover all functions of the organization: supply chain, production, HR, sales/marketing, accountancy (IFRS), R&D and HSE.

Our singular process meets the high standards asked for VC firms, Shareholders and Directors in such situations:

- Buy side/sell side valuation
- Financial performance improvement
- Change management/transformation

Because each company is unique, we adjust our skills according to complexity and needs as well.
We deliver with neutrality, ethics and commitment.
Whatever your ambitions, Activium Finance make your decision-making process easier.